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Double Edge Razor Blades by Shark

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These double-edged blades are perfect for use with your safety razor. Made from Shark Superior Stainless Steel they provide a close, comfortable and smooth shave, free from pulling or tugging. Can be used with standard double-edge safety razors.
If you shave a small to medium body area daily, each blade will last approx. 10 days.

Each box contains 5 blades.

How to use and care for

Insert a blade into your safety razor as per razor instructions.

Wipe down the blade after each use and store your razor in a dry place. Moisture will cause the blade to blunt more quickly.

Keep used blades in a blade bank. Blades are accepted at most local recycling centres.

Keep blades out of the reach of children.

Why they're great

  • Plastic free
  • Recyclable